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It is fair to say The BI (as it will be referred to from now on) was throughout its history virtually unknown in the UK with Cunard, White Star, Orient, P&O, Union Castle, and Canadian Pacific amongst other shipping companies trading from the UK more likely to fall from the lips of those asked to name a famous line.1856 - 1971 including the end of "The Raj at Sea" fifteen years later A short history By David J. The first, 1856 - 1914 in No.11, Spring 2004, the second, 1914 - 1971 in No. I readily acknowledge the various sources of information as listed and the contributions made to B. by all those who served making it the greatest shipping company this country has ever had in its history. Engineer Officer (1967 - 1974) This short history was written for the families in British In ida Society and published in their journal in two parts.Following a period of oppression, making the institutions of the religion illegal in the late 1970s and 80s, the National Assembly was re-elected starting in 1992.The Bahá'í community in Niger has grown mostly in the south-west of the country where they number about 5,600 (0.04% total population.) such numbers can be misleading as there is a high rate of syncretism within Muslim communities throughout the country.

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There are also some tiny Boudouma and Songhay African Traditional Religion communities in the southwest.

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