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00000040 FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF ................ I also have a CI37 ALSZ to store FA (no FA store since I bought it brand new). Remove FA infos from cluster with tool32 (c_fa_loeschen). I don't want one that suffered like this one on my car . Let's hope I will not destroy it like the previous one Even with taking care of the needle position, it's not in the right position... 00000030 08FB 08FB 08FB 0C5F 0C5F 0C5F 0500 FFFF ......._._._.... I think that I will have to reset also the FA from new cluster since my car is ZCS encoded (12/2000) and the new cluster is FA based. I recoded my VIN with no issue with NCS (FGNR_SCHREIBEN). T 00000020 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 ................ Factory calibration data are stored at the end of the eeprom (quartz, stepper motor,...) Then I resolder the eeprom on the 2005 CI08 cluster and properly position needle as describe earlier. And positioning the needle correctly after is a pain in the neck... Well i ran the erase function and said ir was done Another thing we had set mileage to 10 miles unstead of "0" as undicated by forum members I want to try and get additional information so that we do not have to remove the eeprom a dozen times A friend of mine in spain said to use a brand new M35080 and write the original bin file with 0 miles and my car's vin because this type of eeprom is programmable only once Can anyone shed some solid information on this? R 00000010 2152 2152 2152 2151 2151 2151 2151 2151 ! It's important for a cluster to have its own eeprom content and not the content of another cluster! Regards, Mark image-613283724Hello to all I noticed there are different versions of the M35080 eeprom Which of the different models found on ebay would be an equivalent? Could my inability to code my cluster be that there is a region of the eeprom that is not eraseable even though the Xprog-m v5 we used was able to erase it. U 00000010 2155 2155 2155 2155 2155 2154 2154 2154 ! I also have a CI37 ALSZ to store FA (no FA store since I bought it brand new). Take care not to have something that prevent needles from moving! (With key in position zero) You can also perform a self test. Once it's done, put consumption indicator needle and iterate like with other needles. 00000040 FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF ................

00000030 08FB 08FB 08FB 0C5F 0C5F 0C5F 0500 FFFF ......._._._.... An interesting thing is that the 2005 cluster indicated -00012 (-00004 on the 2003 cluster) before getting updated by LCM to the right mileage. Any feedback will be appreciated Regards Mark hello.

I have a brand-new eeprom here and want to write the dump from the old eeprom into it. Whilst I have not tried this procedure, PA Soft is obviously capable of writing to all addresses on the chip, so my thoughts would be just to install the blank chip and use the software to write the new FGSTNR (VIN) and mileage directly to it.

But before I write it, I want to modify the VIN and the mileage to fit with my car. bye stephan 00000000 2155 2155 2155 2155 2155 2155 2155 2155 ! Since the chip is "write once", it should accept the new values and you can then use NCS Expert to code the cluster to the default settings for that VIN.

00000060 FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF ................ Since you can erase easily LCM with pa soft, did you try to add a ZCS on top of FA and vice versa? Yes it seems each of the 16 16-bit values is increased at a time in a loop mode so that we only need to add the 16 16-bits values to have the proper mileage. I've bought a CI07 IKE to replace my CI04 one in order to retrofit dynamic brake lights. I'm currently waiting m35080 eeprom programmer to change VIN on the new cluster and update the mileage to the one of my factory cluster. In this case, M35080 programmer 5V was down to 1.2V... I will try tomorrow morning with IKE on the car if resetting km to zero is enough to allow VIN programming. Consumption indicator needle should be the last one to put back because RPM needle may need some adjustement and the upper bound of it is after the consumption indicator needle... There is a 1mm gap between the needle and the background on the stock computer. Do not insert the consumption indicator needle until all others are properly settle with the below instructions. T 00000020 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 ................

00000050 0101 C6EA 08E3 1004 02FF FFFF FFFF FFFF ................ I don't know if a module can have both ZCS and FA stored? I didn't manage to program M35080 with eeprom soldered and not powering IKE. However, the M35080 programmer software allows to read, save the content of the eeprom but not to load or edit (or I didn't understood how) it so that I was unable to reset the VIN. And then update ZCS with EWS infos with NCS and recode IKE (SG_CODIEREN with blank file). Then I set key to position 2, and mileage SIA was taken by IKE from LCM. Some remarks: - When playing around main processor, I warmed too much the PCB with the heat gun. - When replacing mileage LCD screen, I didn't take care of a small notch on the metal housing so that I broke a small part of the screen (not visible, in the upper corners), - Set needles slowly to their lower setting and take photos of each needle position before removing them with a fork. - When replacing the needles, I altered the consumption needle gray platic housing cover... So, adjust them at maximum to the closest previsous setting.

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