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Make sure you save a game before the final mission in case you accidentally skip the credits as you cannot be rewatch them post game. All Dressed Up for San Fierro Assassin Step 3 - Miscellaneous trophy clean up As previously mentioned in Step 1, there are numerous trophies which can be unlocked at any point in the game.There are also a number of trophies related to side missions.Although both games have separate lists the trophy lists and requirements are identical.The below walkthrough is a guide as to how I went about obtaining the platinum trophy.Don’t be mistaken though, the trophy list is still very inclusive and you will need to partake in the majority of the games content in order to achieve the platinum trophy.

There is free roam after the main story, so none of the below listed trophies are missable.There are a total of 100 story missions in the game which you will need to complete.These are spread out across the entire map as you unlock new areas and are also given to you by various NPCs that you meet throughout the story.Step 1 - Taxi missions, getting arrested and other miscellaneous trophies A large proportion of the trophies in the game relate to completing side missions, as well as performing single random events.Some of these trophies are best unlocked right at the beginning of the game once you have completed a few missions as they will help you net some cash which will be beneficial for buying guns and armor.

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