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Astroga takes on the form of the Primus, and has his high priest Arihan attack Uldyssian’s group when they reach Hashir, believing that taking Serenthia as a hostage will allow him to capture Uldyssian.Trag’oul and Rathma explain to Mendeln the history of Sanctuary, that mankind is the offspring of Lilith and Inarius (Rathma being their son).Trag’oul says that when Demons and Angels discover a potential advantage, such as the Nephalem, they fight over it relentlessly, usually resulting in its total destruction. Two morlu abduct Serenthia while Uldyssian is talking to the citizens of Hashir, but she quickly reappears and reveals their presence to everyone.When Uldyssian is telepathically attacked by Arihan from the temple, Mendeln appears and takes him to Trag’oul.When he is accused of murdering one of their missionaries, he flees his home town of Seram as he begins to discover his own strange powers.He decides to teach others how to use it, and gathers many followers to him, but the Temple and the Cathedral want his powers for their own and will stop at nothing to get them.

Needing a scapegoat, Astroga murders Arihan and brings his head to Diablo.Uldyssian grows angry with Rathma and Trag’oul, believing they are corrupting Mendeln, and uses his power to escape.He ends up on mount Arreat, where Rathma appears and takes him to the World Stone.It tells the story of Uldyssian ul-Diomed, a farmer whose only remaining family is his brother, Mendeln.The story begins where Uldyssian's family falls victims to a plague, which only he and his brother survive.

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