Dating and relationships for introverts

I think it’s our mutual desire of wanting to understand the way things work that pulls us together. I prefer dates that take place in less crowded locations.As someone who gets overwhelmed easily, simplicity is what I aim for.Where we choose to spend time with our romantic partner influences deeply how people build connections to establish what closeness means to them.A slow and steady pace wins the race to our hearts. We like to gather as much information as possible about people before we display more affection towards them.While we may like you, we also have a need for space. It’s important to not be overbearing or suffocating.This will only add more to our stress levels and may cause us to retreat within our shells even more.

People who can analyze actions and can make meaning of what is happening even within the worst of conflicts.He’ll place his hand over mine and ask, “You with me? Sometimes, even the smallest phrases can have large meanings behind them.I’m not the most direct person, but I’m trying to communicate better.The manner in which we communicate is almost as if we’re on opposite sides of the spectrum, and yet he’s good at handling the personality of someone like me.Slowly, I’m learning to be more directly affectionate.

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We need someone who is sensitive and considerate of our feelings, because we don’t enjoy starting conflict. It just means we’re more careful about what battles we’re willing to fight.

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