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Cartographer Will Shepard hits the road for his latest job: to create a new, more accurate satellite survey of Armenia.

During his assignment, he forms a bond with an Armenian expatriate and art photographer.

Meanwhile, Khloe has been working hard on behalf of her clothing line Good American.

The reality star released a new promotional video on Wednesday, as she continued to introduce her new line of Good American sweatpants.

It is quite a feeling when you first start visiting nude beaches.

I moved to Santa Barbara after college and lived quite close to a one-time famous nude beach called More Mesa.

'Look at my Armenian crest that my baby made for me,' Khloe said in the video. Let's go, Armenia.'The reality star was clearly transfixed by the beautiful and significant new piece of jewelry, modeled after the Coat Of Arms, as she flashed it for her followers.

Khloe is half Armenian on the side of her late father, Robert Kardashian.

He speaks no Armenian and while attempting to order food in a café he is aided by a girl Gadarine Nazarian (Lubna Azabal) who provides translation.

'How sick does my #GOODSQUAD look in their brand new @goodamerican GOOD SWEATS!?

A US Senator's son (Jaime Kennedy) who attempts to forget the break up of his fiancée, is forced to vacation in Turkey by his best friends.

One night he learns that his twin daughters may be alive, and goes on a quest to find them.

Six days in the lives of an Israeli living in a kibbutz and a Palestinian living in Paris, which starts with an accidental meeting in the Berlin Subway during the World cup finals, will change them completely.

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